Outsource Clearing House was founded in 2004 and since our inception we have enjoyed more than a decade of steady growth, progress and expansion in the global financial arena. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, our specialist agency has quickly become one of the worlds’ leading financial marketing firms.

At Outsource Clearing House, we’re always thinking outside of the box, searching for new approaches, brainstorming ideas and continually striving to be the best marketing agency we can be. We believe there will always be a place in the market for an agency with uncompromising standards that embraces every client’s marketing campaign as if it were our own.


Outsource Clearing House was founded in Toronto Canada, as a specialist marketing and public relations firm specializing in creating a channel of communication, visibility and credibility that fuels revenue growth for professional services firms in law, M&A, finance and real estate.


Financial products often intimidate consumers due to their complexities. At Outsource Clearing House, our years of experience and expertise in product development allow us to assess the cost, strengths, features and benefits of an array of financial products and services so as to guide our clients in matching them with their clients’ specific needs.